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Benfotiamine (IH)

Benfotiamine Description

Benfotiamine is a dietary supplement, and it contains vitamin B1. Benfotiamine helps to prevent harmful by-products of glucose metabolism and reduce oxidative stress leading to improved endothelial function.

Unlike thiamine salts, Benfotiamine is more bioavailable and provides higher levels of Thiamine in major organs such as the muscle, brain, liver, and kidney. It is due to the dephosphorylation of Benfotiamine to S-benzoyl Thiamine by alkaline phosphatases in the intestinal mucosa and subsequent hydrolysis to Thiamine by thioesterases in the liver. Additionally, Benfotiamine mainly acts on peripheral tissues through an increased transketolase activity.

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Benfotiamine Exporters Technical Datasheet

Product Name Benfotiamine (IH)
Therapeutic Category Diabetic Neuropathy
Written Confirmation
CAS No. 22457-89-2
Chemical Name S-benzoylthiamine O-monophosphate
Molecular Formula C19H23N4O6PS
Storage Store Protected from Light and Moisture
Appearance White crystalline Powder
Minimum Order Quantity 5 KGs
Packaging details Export worthy HDPE drum/ Fiber Drum

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On-time delivery of the products
Experienced skilled professionals
Supplying High-Quality Pharmaceutical Ingredients Worldwide
Affordable pricing
Compliance with regulations
Use of Advanced technology and equipment
Product Therapeutic Category GMP WHO-GMP Written Confirmation DMF CAS No.
Mefenamic Acid (IP/BP/EP/USP) Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory 036415 61-68-7
Tolfenamic Acid (BP/EP) Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Migraine 038068 13710-19-5
Benfotiamine (IH) Diabetic Neuropathy 038067 22457-89-2
Nitazoxanide (IH) Antiprotozoal Agents 55981-09-4

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